TROG Council 2011

Trog Council 2011
Chair, John Wibbelsman
--guides the overall trog vision
--runs annual meeting & oversees council meetings
--develops the annual trog budget
--assists the councilman who help run the club    

Vice Chair, Jeff Davis
--guides the overall trog vision
--assists with annual meeting & council meetings
--covers for Chair, if chair is absent

--assists the Games Councilman during the spring and fall seasons

Membership Councilman, Brian Paris
--collects member dues, contact information and waivers
--submits member roster and insurance premiums to US Lacrosse
--conducts trog Spring and Fall drafts and publishes results

Gear Councilman, Jamie Blalock
--outfits trog players with unis, reversibles, etc.
--offers cool trog gear and branded stuff

--finds/sells cheap trog gear for giveaways at community outreach events

Games Councilman, Pete Knapp
--works with town officials to secure field permits
--prepares insurance certificates for towns, schools, etc.
--works with rookies to prepare and break down game field, nets, etc.
--orders field equipment for games
--schedules games and referees for the seasons

Website/Historian Councilman, Tom Collard (for sending in photos) (for all other website stuff)
--maintains website/Facebook pages for member and rookie info.
--updates the website with real-time status for games and events
--maintains historical record of matches, seasons, photos, etc.

Community Councilman, Fred Testa
--develops trog community outreach events (e.g., volunteers, fund-raisers, etc.)
--works with local lacrosse organizations to offer trog coaching sessions, etc.

Social Councilman, Rick Briggs
--manages Spring and Fall post-cup game parties
--manages trog socials events (e.g., Trogtoberfest, father & kids games during holiday weekends)
--runs the annual holiday party
--works with Community Councilman on trog community events